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Gina My Bookkeeper offers an hour-long, no-obligation email consultation FREE of charge, to better understand your needs and goals so as to set the best course of action to meet your business model’s aims. 

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Office Desk
Bookkeeping & Payroll

Gina’s monthly bookkeeping and payroll service fees range between $100 - $300 on average per month, based on the number of transactions from your bank and credit card statements. Bookkeeping fees include monthly consultations to be open to current updates, concerns, suggestion and questions. Any extra Accounts Payable, Receivable transactions may apply additional service fees. 

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Hourly / Fixed Monthly

Gina will tailor her service to meet your budget.  You can choose to hire her on an hourly bookkeeping rate or a fixed package monthly fee.

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Month-to-Month Flexible

The month-to-month package – You will not be locked in any long-term contracts, but there will be room and flexibility to build a relationship to best benefit your business. 

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